Our Video Production Mission


Every thriving business understands the need to market and communicate effectively. Today our audience reach has become uncapped thanks to the rapid growth of social media & technology over the past 10 -15 years. At Expansion Media, we believe in reaching the millions of viewers and connecting with them through video & story. We exist to help businesses tell their stories with effective, engaging and cinematic videos. We exist to help you engage your audience in new ways through the most powerful medium available today: video.

Our Story

Expansion Media was founded by Andy Johnston in 2013 with a burning desire to help thriving businesses communicate better and tell better stories. Seeing an opportunity to help businesses and brands, Andy began his journey to help fellow business owners engage and connect better through video production. By understanding marketing and distribution, Andy and his team have successfully produced 100’s of videos for businesses & brands all over Australia.

Our Focus

Aiming to seamlessly weave the story into each video, we focus on ensuring only the most important information is communicated to your audience in an engaging, yet entertaining way. By doing this, we help you build credibility through authentic and genuine connections with your target audience.

Our History

As the years roll on, we are grateful for the opportunity to do what we love every day. We’re grateful to able to help and serve people through business with our talents. Our philosophy of “doing what you love and doing it well” has been at the forefront each year and continues to shine through in all of our work.

2007-2010 - Before The Storms

2007 – That’s a wrap! With cast & crew on final day for city council short film – directed by Andy Johnston

2008 – Andy on-set directing a mini-documentary for Melbourne music producer “Exis”

2009 – Recieving Award @ Mooney Valley Fling Film Festival for “Serious Business” short film

2009 – Andy recieving Award @ Made in Melbourne Film Festival for “Serious Business” short film

2010 – With crew on set for 48HR Film Festival short film – Andy director

2011-2012 - The Talent is Real

  2012 – Andy working in camera department with film crew from Film School (International Film College) for a short film.

2012 – Wrap shot with film crew on a short film in Film School (International Film College) – Andy director

2012 – Contracted to Fox Studios for Terra Nova – Season 1 – Camera & Grip department

 2012 – Contracted to Fox Studios for TVC Commercial – Camera & Grip department 

2013-2017 - So It Begins...

2014 – Expansion Media shoots one of its first client sales video

2017 – Expansion Media becomes preferred video production supplier for many companies within Melbourne

2017 – Expansion Media creates its 1st TV commercial to be aired nationally for a client

2018-2022 - Onwards & Upwards

2019 – We present at a business network institution showcasing over 100 video projects successfully completed for our clients.

 2019 – From left to right, Andy, Stuart & Trent successfully capture the highest quality video content ever produced by Expansion Media in back-to-back projects. #dreamteam

Current – We now focus on positioning our brand as a leading video production company in Australia. We strive to educate and empower our audience by sharing what it takes to create a successful & engaging video.

"Do what you love & do it well!"

– Andy Johnston – Founder