Listen to Andy Johnston talk about engaging a professional video production team and what it entails. In this short clip, Andy talks about the process he uses to deliver video production consistently to his clients which keeps them coming back.

Our Process

We take our clients through each step of the video production journey. From ideation to the final delivery of your video, our processes ensure that we are able to deliver high quality engaging videos consistently.


  1. You express your interest via e-mail or phone for video production.
  2. We send you a Video Production Scope to fill-out and send back.
  3. We schedule a Phone/Video Call to discuss project.
  4. We send you a Project Proposal which includes quotation.
  5. You review & approve project proposal.
  6. You pay 50% deposit to commence the project.


  1. We send you Video Production Brief to complete and send back.
  2. 1st pre-production meeting at our office or yours
  3. We develop 1st draft audio/visual script.
  4. You provide feedback & direction.
  5. We complete 2nd draft audio/visual script.
  6. You approve final audio/visual script.
  7.  We develop a shooting schedule, finalise locations, confirm all talent
    & secure any permits required.
  8. We confirm shooting date(s) & times and e-mail shooting schedules
    to you.
  9.  Optional final meeting before shooting date(s) if required.


  1. We turn up on any location and use professional video
    cameras & professional lighting to capture high quality
    footage up to 4K resolution
  2. We use professional sound equipment to ensure our
    audio is clean and crisp.
  3. If interviews are required, we can ensure we make our
    talent on camera feel comfortable and relaxed to
    ensure best results are achieved for the edit.
  4. Upon concluding the shooting day, we back up the
    footage immediately to avoid any media file disasters.


  1. Our video editors commence post-production
    immediately by developing an assembly edit then a
    rough edit according to the audio/visual script of your video.
  2. Our producer views the rough edit and develops the
    1st draft edit for you to review.
  3. You watch it and provide feedback.
  4. We create final draft for the video project and send it
    back to you for revision.
  5. You approve final draft. 
  6. You pay final amount due.
  7. We digitally release media file(s) to you.
  8. Project complete.
  9. You distribute video across various channels &




Understanding the ‘type of video’ you are making will help you deliver your message effectively. This will also assist you when creating your script for the video as each type of video has a different script structure – which saves you time! To help identify what type of video you need to make, identify who you are talking to and where they sit on the customer journey.



The purpose of establishing your creative approach is to seamlessly weave the key elements in your Video Production Brief so that your video becomes unique to it’s viewer. This creates a memorable connection with the target audience and allows you to deliver your message effectively whilst keeping your audience entertained.


There are many ways you can write a script for a video. We believe the a AV script (audio/visual script) is most effective. AV scripts combine visual references, narration, dialogue, music and time codes all on a simple document.

This is easy to read and ideal to pass on to other colleagues in your business. Having an AV script easily ensures your pre-visualisation of the video aligns with your main goal and provides creative direction for the entire team.

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