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Video editing can take you HOURS! Trying to add-in unique graphics, text and music can become frustrating and time consuming. Save yourself the hassle by leaving the video editing to us! 

We’ve Made It Simple

Record Your Footage

You can use the latest digital camera or your smart phone – we’ll still edit your video. Aim for the best picture and sound quality to ensure our video editors give you the best result.

Submit Online Brief

When you book one of the editing packages below, one of our video editors will be in touch to provide you your online brief.  This allows you to provide all the details necessary for us to complete your project. 

Upload Your Footage

Once we’ve received your brief, we’ll provide you with a link to upload your footage. You can also include photos. Feel free to rename your video files as you wish. Then, sit back, relax and let us do the work.

Stop Wasting Time In Your Edit

You can include graphics, texts, titles, basic 2D & 3D elements upon your request. We’d love to spice up your video with our creative ability in video editing.

For any special requirements, ensure you include this in your brief and your video editor will be happy to discuss.

Focus On Growing

Having a video editor help with your video allows you to focus on developing your business.

With fast turnaround times on your video, you’ll be able to publish more content more frequently resulting in growth.  

Licensed Music & Sound Effects

We have a wide range of licensed music. Simply request a style and type of music in your brief and we’ll be sure to match it up. If you don’t like it, no worries – you have unlimited revisions on your video!

We’re pretty good at picking the right music for the video though feel free to send over any references or examples for us to listen to!

Simple Pricing for Video Editing 

We understand you need amazing videos fast, so we’ve made it simple for you. If you’re making one video, ONE TIME package will suit you best. For more than one video, we recommend REGULAR UPLOADS or SUPERSTAR STATUS depending on your needs. 

Our Tools & Platforms

“We’ve been using some of the best software for over 10 years. We operate with the latest updates for each app and continue to develop our video editing skills daily.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of videos you can edit?

We edit all sorts of videos for all genres. We can edit commercials, promos, social media ads, YouTube videos, showreels, e-learning videos, training videos and much more. It does cost a bit extra if you request: 

– 2D & 3D Animation

– Professional Voice-Overs

– Subtitles (basic text graphics are included though not word for word subtitles) 

– Video longer than 15 minutes

Will my video fit correctly on all social media channels?

You must include in your brief which social media platforms you will be distributing to. We ensure your video dimensions will match the platform eg-  IG story, FB story, LinkedIn newsfeed, YouTube etc.

Do you add any B-Roll footage to my video?

Yes we do.  We can include your B-roll footage that you upload or we can include B-roll  footage from our stock library.  Ensure you include your request in your brief. 

Do you add any music to my video?

Yes we do. Based on the information on your submitted brief, we will choose a licensed soundtrack we think is suitable for your video. You can also include examples of music you wish for us to use as reference.  Ensure you include any specific requests in your brief. 

What is the limit on RAW and finished video length?

You can upload 45 mins worth of raw footage. Your finished video length will exceed more than 15 minutes unless you sign up for custom package. For any custom requests, please send an email to video@expansionmedia.com.au with your request.

How do you know how to edit my video to my liking?

We start by gathering the right information in your brief. We ask all the necessary questions involved in creating a unique branded video specific to your audience. We ensure we use the best takes of your footage and add in any requested or relevant B-Roll footage. We also ensure we have the best music suitable for your video.  After sprinkling any text or graphics throughout your video, we then watch it back and look for overall improvements. We believe video editing is all about the details, getting the 1%’ers right makes all the difference. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you can. There are no lock-in contracts with this service. 

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